There’s a new kura opening soon in the United States, in Texas of all places!  Lone Star Sake is set to have their grand opening on October 1.  Check out this story at Edible Austin.  Good luck, guys, can’t wait to taste some of your sake!

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An article in The Toronto Star features a great photo collection from the new Ontario Spring Water Sake Company:–rubin-sake-made-with-ontario-spring-water-in-toronto-s-distillery-district.

Another new sake brewery outside of Japan is opening up, this one in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It’s called Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, and their sake will be sold under the brand name Izumi, which means spring or fountain in Japanese.

The brewery is located in the historic Distillery District of Toronto.  From their web site:

All of our sake is prepared in the “Junmai” (pure rice) style in several varieties for sale at the Distillery location brewery store and tasting counter. The brewery commenced operations in February 2011 with advisory assistance from the venerable Miyasaka Brewing Co., Ltd. (whose operations in Japan date back to the 1600′s, currently producing sake under the MASUMI and MIYASAKA brands) and consulting master sake brewer Yoshiko Takahashi, an award winning brewmaster from the Nagano region of Japan.

There’s a new sake brewery in the United States.  It’s called Rock Sake,  I gather from their web site that the sake is brewed in Oregon, but their offices are in West Hollywood, CA.  Might they be contract brewing with Sake One?

If you love Japan, love sake, and can be in New York on Wednesday, there is a great event that you should attend: New York Loves Japan.   Over 100 different kinds of sake will be served.  More info at